The Future of Smoking is Vaping

In a recent article by Times Magazine called “The Future of Smoking” electronic cigarettes are said to be targeting minors with their “sexy marketing” and “aura of safety”. This is just more propaganda targeted against e cigs in the effort to give a great alternative a bad name.

If this post were in fact the truth then what about alcohol commercials. Is that targeted for minors to start drinking because the commercials display attractive women or a group of people smiling and laughing?

E Cig Health Concerns

Many people are concerned about the health and safety issues of electronic cigarettes. These are legitimate concerns. I mean we should know what we are ingesting into our bodies by either smoke or vapor.

Electronic cigarettes are a means to get a desired amount of nicotine without the use of a combustible cigarettes. Which is in fact full of cancer causing carcinogens as well other carcinogens that are harmful to your body.

With e cigs there is no tar, arsenic, or any of the harmful poisons found in tobacco. Although, there is one harmful chemical in e cigs and that is nicotine. Users know there is nicotine in an e cig, which is the point of an e cig. To get nicotine while avoiding all of the other poisons in tobacco.

Exploding E Cigs

Another part of the propaganda is exploding e cigs. There are several of articles on the net about e cigs blowing up and exploding. Although, I have found one major coincidence with all of these articles. Either it was caused by a faulty off-brand charger, or an off-brand battery bought on e bay, or the user tried to modify their e cig to be better than it was originally intended to be. So instead of continuously pointing the blame towards e cigs, maybe user ignorance should be taken into consideration.

If The FDA is so Concerned Then Why…..

Big Tobacco is not legally obligated to print the ingredients of cigarettes on the packaging. So if the FDA is so concerned about the e liquids in electronic cigarettes that merely contain nicotine and a binding agent such as propylene glycol (which is also in most of the processed foods that we eat as well as asthma inhalers that have already been approved by the FDA). Did that seem confusing too you? Well it is the truth and just enough to get you curious on why there are so many contradictions on the e cig topic. It seems more like a conspiracy to most.

The E Cig Conspiracy

Now that electronic cigarettes are looking at possibly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry like Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. Now all of these multi-billion dollar industries want to get Big Brother and the FDA involved.

This is where all the hype and B/S is brewing from. In the end all that matters is who can afford to have what they want regulated in the best interest of the industry, not the people.

Why else would all the big tobacco companies be jumping into the league of e cigs? To keep a multi-billion dollar market a multi-billion dollar market. Big tobacco companies such as Lorillard, Reynolds, and Altria. Blu Cigs owned by Lorillard (Newport) are already some of the most popular e cigs on the market. The other brands owned by Big Tobacco are spread throughout almost every gas station and retail outlet across the States.

Most Popular Doesn’t Mean the Best

Just because Big Tobacco has some of the most popular e cigs on the market do not mean they are the best e cigs on the market. Big Tobacco has the means to have more marketing and the leeway to get their products everywhere.

Why else would the FDA get involved? If the FDA regulates e cigs then one of the first actions will be the banning of online sales. This alone would plummet the other companies that are actually trying to help people and boost the income for Big Tobacco once again.