Why are eCigarettes Stigmatized

The risks of smoking have been researched and analyzed for decades and the answer is clear, smoking conventional cigarettes is deadly. There is no doubt that smokers who use tobacco cigarettes shorten their life span and increase their exposure to toxins that can lead to lung disease, shortness of breath, and more. These risks are not something to be taken lightly which is why electronic cigarettes have recently caught the attention of many smokers looking to quit.

But how do ecigs work?

Instead of traditional cigarettes, which release carcinogens when burned, e-cigs use a heated coil to vaporize an e-liquid solution that smokers inhale. Negative effects like lingering smoky smells and second-hand smoke are a thing of the past for e-cig users.

While smokers switching to e-cigs may be reaping the health benefits of this new product many opponents are worried that electronic cigarettes may undo years of work to decrease smoking around the world. It is true that traditional cigarettes have been linked to a series of drawbacks that significantly impact the quality of life for users. Smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes because they offer them a more healthy alternative to smoking and enable them to make a smaller impact on the environment.

The waste generated by smoking tobacco products is higher than waste from electronic cigarette products and accessories. Many electronic cigarette brands like Green Smoke and Blu Cigs offer special refillable e-liquid cartridges so users can reuse their e-cigs instead of throwing them away.

Besides fear of electronic cigarettes being a possible threat to our health and the environment, many people fear the product will make smoking “cool” again. Most smokers are very aware of the risks of smoking and many turn to electronic cigarettes as a way to break the habit. E-cigs have fully customizable liquid flavors and nicotine levels so smokers have the ability to choose the right nicotine strength for their needs. While vapor cigarettes cannot be advertised as a smoking cessation aid some users have found the ability to decrease their e-cig nicotine level over time to be a natural way to quit smoking. Some electronic cigarette companies even offer free products, but you do have to be careful and read the small print as it may not be as good as it seems, and the main thing is that you are happy with the product in order to give it a good go.

The stigma that follows e-cigarettes is tough to break but smokeless cigarette brands continue to release quality products for e-cig users. It seems like tobacco cigarettes may have finally met their match and their digital counterparts are set to take the lead. Electronic cigarettes have helped to cut tobacco sales, something a lot of people can agree is a good thing.