The Smart E-Cigarette Patent

The Smart E-Cigarette

Many users are accustomed to experiencing the advantages of recent technical improvements in the realm of electronic cigarettes. Apparatus that are new and better, e-liquids are making the encounter of smoking electronic cigarettes better and better. Nevertheless, the latest new improvements in technology might be going one step to far!


Phillip Morris, the makers of Marlboro and a number of other tobacco brands, filed a patent in October, 2014, for a “smart” electronic cigarette, that, if they had their way, could be the next wave in electronic cigarette technology. The patent describes an electronic heated smoking system, which can either connect to your PC or tablet of some kind using an USB wire. The apparatus is not exactly your typical e-cigarette, but really is a prototype which reads a program from your computer to switch on a component that can warm raw tobacco, as well as e-liquid. This heating element doesn’t take the tobacco to the “combustible degree” which causes the hazourdous chemicals but creates a smoke like vapor.

The most remarkable element of the smart electronic cigarette, nevertheless, is the way it can speak and track your smoking via your personal computer or tablet. The smart e-cigarette was made to track and monitor a user’s every drag and other key information like trackers, to help users stop smoking the smart way!

The thing that’s the most astonishing, is the methods that the trackers propose users’ smoking habits. The patent contains a “pay-per-puff” attribute that will function as a self imposed tax each time you want and take a puff. It’d likewise let you preset a particular consumption number, in order to establish a limit to your use and, work on slowly cut them down completely, well cut down the number of puffs that is. Similar to a pay-as-you go mobile phone I guess, you may set your use daily, weekly, or monthly, useage and your set!

The smart electronic cigarette may also gather data which might be utilized to support the user to stick to a particular “smoking” behaviour. This information has the ability to be sent to a third party like researchers and physicians, if an individual on a participant trial and has given their authorization.

The idea behind the smart electronic cigarette is ultimately helping would be quitters actually quit, monitor their progress and slowely cut their consumption. The patent also includes strategies to give its users access to an “authorized support group for help with smoking cessation.” By connecting the apparatus to the internet the patent plans to “offer a restricted number of smoking time whilst tracking the smoking behaviour.”

Although the smart electronic cigarette isn’t really anything new, for example the old eVic by Joye has a built in computer that monitors your puff rate, with alarms, daily puff allowances and graphs to show how the vaper is smoking over a day, month or year. Having used the eVic and reviewed the product, I found the computer too much and soon just switched off the features, the only one I left on was the counter and battery indicator, it was merely generally informative of how many puffs I had taken in a day, but nothing else!

I can’t see it working, furthermore , the emphasis on new technology and being “connected” is merely part of society’s latest buzz, the reality is, vapers don’t really want to know or care about quiting, as they see electronic cigarette smoking as an alternative and healthier alternative to smoking. I therefore forecast that this product will be bought by those who have not succeeded with e-cigarettes and continue to smoke, but want to quit. But we will see!

Besides the concept of connecting your device to the web, despite its possible advantages, has its own risks. As the World Health Organization calls for more regulation on vaping in public places, the new “smart” electronic cigarette could send information to local officials in the event that you break their smoking laws, letting them levy a fine on you, just by collecting all the info from your “smart” cig.

Technology has been excellent for electronic cigarettes, up to now, but I often believe that most users will believe their e-cigarettes are “smart” enough already!