The Secret of E-Cigarettes

Since the year 2006 the electronic cigarette also known as e-cigarette has become a revolutionary method of taking in nicotine without the smoke. According to its many manufacturers the hazards associated with smoking cigarettes are markedly reduced. They claim the tar, the carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, thiocyanic acid, acrolein, arsenic, lead and hydragyrum are absent. It simulates the actual smoking very well even having the same temperature of actual cigarette smoke (122F- 140F).So what essentially is e-cigarette and why the love? It is a mechanical device that is smokeless yet gives the pleasure of smoking to the user. Also known as “Safe Cigarette” and “smokeless cigarette”, it does not contain tobacco or the harmful cancer causing chemicals used in the actual cigarette.

These mechanical devices resemble the actual cigarettes in look but are also unique in a number of ways. An example of this difference is these smokeless devices are bought as a kit containing the cigarette itself, cigarette device, cartridge pack, batteries and battery charger. The batteries have to be charged daily while the cartridge pack is changed when needed.This device works via an interesting mechanism; when air flows through the cylinder it ignites the processor which infuses liquid droplets and evaporates the nicotine mist. The liquid is usually nicotine but sometimes for people who do not want nicotine but only the feeling of smoking it may not contain nicotine. A substance propylene glycol mixes with the nicotine vapor mist making it look like the real cigarette smoke.

The electronic cigarettes like all new things on the market were initially viewed with a little disdain but more and more people are embracing it. You may have a number of questions, but don’t worry, we have written a whole bunch of FAQs that you can read!

It is vastly popular for many reasons; it can be used anywhere since makers say there is no risk of passive smoking, also though some states and countries have banned cigarette smoking nicotine “cravers” can still get their fix since it is smokeless, it is also used by people who want to quit as they can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine taken in till they feel completely able to stop. Other benefits of these cigarettes include no foul smelling smoke, no ashes formed, no body odor from cigarettes, no cigarette smoke associated bad breath, whiter teeth, the absence of air pollution unlike real cigarette smoke, and people have vouched to saving up to $1000 dollars a year using this device instead of the traditional cigarettes. These reasons make it very popular and a lot of companies have gone into manufacturing e-cigarettes.Are there any drawbacks to this new wonder?

Yes there are, remember it has nicotine which is addictive as well as a respiratory irritant, some people have also complained of an after taste and sore throat after use.Some regulatory bodies and health experts are also a bit wary about the unknown risk of inhaling pure nicotine. These experts feel that not enough studies have been done on this and we might be seeing adverse effects of long term use further down the road. The fear that the nicotine level listed on the cartridge may not match the amount actually in the device should be considered. Another note of caution is that since it is sold online many young people who should not smoke can have easy access fuelling nicotine addiction.

Being a battery operated mechanical device it needs to be maintained; batteries charged regularly and changed when necessary, the cartridge also needs to be refilled. Some people buy the liquid in bulk to reduce cost. It is also not Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated yet so one has to take the manufacturers claim with a pinch of salt, but the question of regulation still rises. A few countries like Australia, Canada, Israel and Mexico have banned them while others like the United States consider them legal but are seeking ways of regulating where and how these devices should be used. Some opponents of this novel smoking device have also argued that though it produces no second hand smoke it does produce vapour which causes eye, nose and throat irritation to sensitive people. They also contend that its safety to others has not been proven by manufacturers and are just claims with no scientific backing. However despite these minor drawbacks it’s still a great favorite as it lacks the major health damaging attributes of the original cigarette.

For the ardent smoker it just might be the only safe option.