V2 Pro Review

v2 cigs logoJust a few years ago, the only way for you to get your nicotine fix was to light up a tobacco cigarette. The appearance of electronic cigarettes and their continue growth always surprises me, countless pen vaporizers have flooded the market in the last year alone but you can now get your nicotine fix easily and V2 Pro Series is a great choice for both e-liquid smokers and loose leaf smokers!
This is the recent multi-medium vaporizer from VMR Products now available on the market.

The kit costs $69.99 and is supported by the V2 Cigs life guarantee.

v2 pro packet

V2 Pro Series 3 handles both e-liquids and the company has introduced the vaping of loose leaf, concentrates, and supplies the attachments in order to get your nicotine fix without the cigarette. Currently, there are two broad categories of portable vaporizers. There are well-built vaporizers but expensive. In this category, we have the Firefly. The second category is about inexpensive portable vaporizers.

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The V2 Pro has for objective to get the best from the two categories meaning an inexpensive portable vaporizer of high quality and versatility. This electronic cigarette is almost 6 inches tall and roughly half of an inch around. The weight is below two ounces and the device is quite standard. Its size looks like a pocket aluminum tube in black color. However, unlike many brands of vape pens available on the market actually, the V2 Pro uses magnets for managing its electrical connections.


V2 Pro Series 3 as an Electronic Cigarette


v2 pro cartridges

The material tank and mouthpiece pull out of the body as a single piece and a small magnet holds them in place as is the USB charging cable. You do not have to screw anything in or out of your device. This means that you can change cartridges without threading or un-threading the head. This suppresses virtually the dangers of having hash oil in the seams and damaging the unit. In addition, there is no danger of cross threading. Even if this detail is small, it makes a big difference in the vaping world.


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You can choose the device in three different colors. On the side of the cartridge, there is a raised area to prevent inappropriate insertion of cartridge. You can see the level of your fluid through the sleek window on the outer casing. You can charge your electronic cigarette upside down without worrying about leakage since the magnetic charger holds the head in place.

It is easy to load the unit. You have just to tug slightly the mouthpiece in order to unlock the magnet. Then, you unscrew it from the tank before to inject your e-juice in the canister and connect back the components together. The tank has a capacity of 1.6 ml with a rate of 800 puffs per fill.

There is a button on the face of the unit that controls the power produced by the 650mAh battery. For triggering the battery, you have to press the button three times within 2 seconds to lock or unlock your electronic device. When you press the button, hold your finger on it in order to activate the heating unit. This unit can reach the temperature of 170 degree C or 338-degree F.v2 pro series 3 e-cigarette

The preset level of temperature is ideal even if you cannot choose a particular temperature in order to set your heating unit. Once triggered, the device will fill your mouth with thick clouds of vapor in less than on second. You do not even to inhale since this electronic cigarette produces too much vapor. The V2 Pro e-liquid cartridge is basically a wick. As such, the vapor generated can be somewhat warm compared with underside-coil attachments and will start to create flavors that seem burned if over used.

It is also easy to charge your battery. You have just to plug the integrated USB charger in a port and you set the end against the base of the vape pen in order to engage the magneto-lock. At the base of the pen, there is a ring LED that glows red when you charge your battery. Once the LED turns green, this means that your battery is full and ready to use. You can also vape while charging your pen thanks to a great handy feature at a low price.


It will be difficult to find anything better than the V2 Pro Series 3 in this budget, if you like lots of vapor, a good throat hit and a choice of good flavors. After several days of testing to write this review, we were all amazed by the volume of vapor this product creates.

V2 Pro Series 3 as an Essential Oil or Tobacco Vaporizer


I did have one barrier in that I was not able to check the apparatus as an essential oil or tobacco vaporizer. I no longer use tobacco products because of the worry that it may lead me back to tobacco smoking since changing to cigarette. I am certain that is something that that you can appreciate if you have made the switch to full time e-smoking yourself. Additionally, the essential oil cartridge of V2 hasn’t been released as of the period of writing. In line with the info on the web site of V2, the essential oil cartridge will probably be published in September 2014 and may also support waxes and nicotine gels. I am not overly comfortable with the products, but I envision that waxes and nicotine gels might become popular if e-liquids should become less easy to buy.


Coming: V2 Pro Series 7 and 9 Vaporizers


The V2 Pro series 3 is the first of three new APVs from V2 Cigs. These other series, 7 and 9 will use cartridges that are increasingly bigger, will not be interchangeable with any series.


The Bottom Line


One of the positives things with this brand of electronic cigarette is the price. You can receive a V2 Pro Series 3 at $60. This is an unmatched price when you consider the amazing clouds of vapor and the long life of battery. You can use your device for an entire day without recharging it. Currently, the V2 Pro is operating only at a third capacity but the company planned to release very soon a loose-leaf canister and a wax unit named Fall.

If you are not holding your device, it is not easy to get it standing up. This can be a pain for many users. The canister does not leak but the device has a tendency to shelve at every turn and roll off tables. However, if you are already a vaper, the V2 Pro series 3 will please you. With the wax canister and loose leaf unit that the company planned to add, this device will be fully functional.