Smoke Tip Review

SmokeTip ReviewThe marketing strategy and the website of Smoke Tip are not impressive and aggressive. However, the company is around for a long time and is still among the most popular choices of electronic cigarette.

Many companies of electronic cigarette provide a wide range of starter kits in order to meet the needs and budgets of their customers. This is not the case with Smoke Tip. The company sells only one starter kit that comes with the basic necessities of vaping. This means that if you are looking for additional accessories such as portable charging case or car charger, you will have to purchase them separately.

The box containing the kit is not impressive with a cheap cardboard and too large. There is not too much information about the content of the box aside the big logo of Smoke Tip on the lid. The manufacturers placed the accessories, cartomizers, and batteries in a plastic holder and covered it with fake suede. Even if it may seem a small deal to many people, all major companies of electronic cigarettes know that first impressions and presentation count a lot.

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In the kit you will see a wall adapter, a USB charger, a 5-pack of cartomizers, and two small automatic batteries. Do not expect to receive a manual battery in the kit. These are the basic things you need for vaping. If you want more items, you have to buy them separately as mentioned.

For $59.99, you will receive the starter kit and this sum is pretty hefty since you do not even get a battery of high capacity with this package. In order to remain competitive for a long time, Smoke Tip needs to improve its presentation and packaging.

Smoke Tip Box-Kit

The two small batteries come in white color with thin rings making them looking as analogs cigarette paper. There is also a grey plastic tip. In order to mimic burning tobacco, the tip lights red. The tobacco cartomizers come in light brown to make the entire device looking like genuine cigarettes.

However, the 180mAh batteries do not last long. The good side of these devices is that they are KR808D with an average of 200 puffs during two hours with a full charged battery. This means that even with these two batteries, you will not vape an entire day without recharging both of them. You need to purchase more batteries if you want to enjoy your electronic cigarette for a long time.

The performance of the device is admirable. The switch is responsive. The cutoff time of 7 seconds is more than enough regardless your lungs. However, the air holes seem to be a little too large and you receive a huge amount of air through them very quickly. Your mouth will be full before your atomizer can generate enough vapors.

The production of vapor is crucial in order to make an electronic cigarette efficient as an alternative to regular cigarettes. However, Smoke Tip e-cigarette does not produce enough vapors despite the use of the advanced batteries. In order to get a satisfying amount of vapor, you need to prime your atomizer a few times and take after a long draw. This effort seems to be not necessary since there are other brands available with a huge vapor production without too much effort. However, some users reported a huge production of vapor while trying different cartomizers.

Smoke Tip Cartomizers

Smoke Tip provides 19 various flavors including clove, almond, menthol and vanilla, classic chocolate, two types of tobacco including Cowboy and Regular, and many other fruity flavors. While the diversity is good, the most important thing is the quality of the e-liquid. The aftertaste of these flavors is not bad but it is not very enjoyable. In fact, if you finished the mill e-liquid, the flavors are weaker. Even when you try to use cartomizers with a powerful battery and received satisfying puffs, the flavors are still weak for some users. The throat hit is not amazing despite the high levels of nicotine strength. Some users did not have a throat hit with a nicotine strength of 12 mg while the highest strength for Smoke Tip is 16 mg. this can be a real issue if you are a serious smoker used to Lucky Strike or Marlboro. The cartomizers seem to be the problem behind the weak production of vapor. The performance of batteries is well with other KR808D catromizers like Bloog.

The device fits solidly after screwing a cartridge atomizer to a battery. The draw is easy and Smoke Tip electronic cigarette does not emit a crackling, distracting noise when you draw. Some users reported that the production of vapor was excellent with the tobacco flavor. This flavor is authentic. The device sits comfortable in the hand. The cartridge atomizer has rubber caps at each end and the manufacturers provide some details about the nicotine strength and flavors.