JACVapour Review

JAC Vapour Review

JacVapour is just another comparative newcomer to the United Kingdom marketplace. Based in Scotland, they provide a wide variety of choices for both new and seasoned electronic cigarette users. Remember, all reviews are derived from encounter and view. Jacvapour offers starter kits that are distinct. For this particular review I used the V1P Starter kit. Worth to mention -all Jacvapour beginner kits are accessible with Case) Billing. I have to say this is the first brand I’ve observed, which offers all their kits with PCC. This enables you to charge your on the go. Ok, let us take a closer look at the Jacvapour V1P starter kit.



Jacvapour V1P starter kitThe kit comes in a good display box, including detailed directions and all a fast start guide.

Additionally sending is very quickly. Normal shipping normally takes 2-4 working days. If delivery is urgent, you can use an alternative -2 working days (remember this might not be accessible at specific time of the year like Christmas)


Now, while PCC and attractive packaging are clearly an extremely welcome bonus, the most important evaluation is the battery – the whole electronic cigarette will be ruined by an inferior quality battery.

To start with, the JacVapour starter kit comes with 2 batteries, both of which are the black, rubberised batteries that are automatic. I have to say that batteries have an excellent appearance and feel. Another pleasant thing about JacVapour batteries is that they’re nearly same size as regular tobacco smoke.

With all indications looking favorable, I must say I was really quite relieved when it came to taking a pull – drawing on it absolutely was smooth, and there was no demand for any ‘primer hauls’ to get the vapour going, as with some E Cigs.


Jacvapour PCC

The battery was amazing, although I’d have been extremely disappointed if it hadn’t been up to scratch. The single drawback for me was the lack of branding in the battery itself, although this certainly does not have any impact on its operation, which is first rate.

The only thing that instantly impresses with this kit is the mobile billing case only mentioned. This is not merely some inexpensive little of plastic – it’s out of your pocket and a glossy aluminium slider case which slips in. It seems the mechanism itself feels strong and quite well made, so I’m confident this PCC will be exceedingly durable, despite significant use.

Charging the batteries is straightforward – the casing is just an issue of utilizing the button and indicator lights in the rear once they’re joined in it. The battery twists readily into the charger, and it is essentially prepared to go – it takes around 2 hours to completely charge a battery, which is good for a light to moderate smoker like me.

The container can carry either one battery and two handcarts or the complete E Cig with a single battery. It is incredibly refreshing in order to charge your battery when you’re out and around, rather than have it run out in the center of nowhere – there’s nothing worse than a dead battery when you’re craving a nicotine hit!

Overall, there is little a lot more to say about the PCC, other than that this small star is right up there with the greatest of the charger cases in the marketplace with regard to quality and look, plus it slips so easily into and out of your pocket – I’m incredibly impressed. For people wishing to be aware of the real size, it’s 110mm x 62mm x 16mm.



E-LiquidAnother 2 fundamental components when judging the merchandise are the flavour and vapour generated by the cartomisers. JacVapour provided me with a pack of their tobacco-flavoured shopping carts – these ones had 24mg nicotine content (quite high), and generally cost GBP6.49 for a pack of 5.

24mg is more powerful in relation to the shopping carts I generally use – I generally go for a moderate-strength 12mg or a higher-strength 18mg.The various alternatives for nicotine content are Low (6mg), Medium (12mg), High (18mg) and Very High (24mg). Determining which flavour electronic cigarettes to smoke is down to every person’s personal preference and, with the ordinary tobacco flavor, you can not go wrong for me – their variation isn’t far off the real thing.

Bearing in mind the size of the battery, the E Cig additionally puts out a great quantity of vapour, which is on a level with all the E Cig brands that are better.

One place that JacVapour cartridges stand out of the other E Cigs I’ve reviewed is the reality that they’re refillable – this is a great feature for the reason that it means you can lower your prices further by purchasing and refilling with e-liquid instead of simply disposing of your shopping carts when they run out.

The e-liquid can be found from their web site in PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycol) types. It’s not just the ingredients that differ here – PG e-liquid is the conventional liquid on offer from nearly all the large E Cig sells out there. It makes a larger hit your throat and, even though somewhat less vapour is produced by it, the liquid survives longer.

VG emits vapour and is an option to PG, but you receive less of a throat hit, and vaping it uses more e-liquid. It is an excellent option for people who might be sensitive to PG.

Again, you are given an added choice to fit your requirements by JacVapour. I haven’t attempted PG e- liquid but it’s on my ‘to do’ list and I’ll report on that as soon as I’ve.

There are 8 distinct flavours accessible: tobacco, tobacco reds USA, tobacco virgin, cappuccino, mint, menthol, vanilla and cherry. In case you would rather purchase the e- refill the carts yourself and liquid, then this becomes less of an issue since in addition they offer 11, while they sell only 5 tobacco flavours ‘non-tobacco’ assortments. There are a number of pretty interesting ones here – grape and kiwi to mention only 2 of them.

In summary, both vapour and the flavour are first class, but you’re limited in your selection in the event you stick to the pre- although this is non issue for individuals who would rather refill their particular cartridges filled cartomisers.


JacVapour have created a product that was truly strong here, and one which surely ranks among the very best electronic cigarettes I’ve really tried.

The largest positive for me were the Mobile Charge Case (PCC), which looks and feels amazing, but in addition provides an excellent solution to charge your electronic cigarettes on the go. The next bonus was the capability to refill the cartridges with e-liquid, letting you save more cash in the future. These facets mean JacVapour appeals to the experienced vaper as well as the new electronic cigarette user.

If this ecigarette seems like it could be the one for you, then make sure to use the link below!