eGo ONE Review

With the introduction of e-cigarettes in the market, you can still smoke without the risk of infections. Smoking traditional cigarettes has not only been hazardous to people’s health, but also destructive to the environment. Studies have proven that more than 90% of effects experienced after smoking traditional cigarettes were due to the smoke emitted. This is an issue which electronic cigarettes have been introduced in the market to solve. If you want to be part of this new safe technology without losing the original quality, then opting for the Joytech eGo ONE e-cigarette is a wise idea.


The ego oneThe eGo ONE, as referred to by many people, is the real joy for anyone who loves the taste of cigarettes. You will find it having a petite yet powerful look affordably in the market. Just the same length as the traditional one, but can produce an amazing vaporing cloud ever. It is 510 threaded with an adjustable airflow valve. It is easier for a person to rotate the atomizer ring either clockwise when reducing the amount of air inflow or anticlockwise to let in more air. Its kit has two drip tips; the glass and metal version together with a thermal insulation to prevent overheating.

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Primarily, you will find this excellent petite product in two different sizes; the 1100mAh and the 2200mAh. You ask me which one is the best? Well, better try out as that greatly depends on personal preferences. Simply ask yourself if you need a sleek device that you can sneak around with or a longer lasting device for a perfect weekend evening. The difference is rests only on the size, but they both share the same content and aesthetics.

What makes it stand out among e-cigs?

Why should I ditch my normal e-cig for the eGo ONE? Well, there are numerous types out there in appealing designs. However, this e-cig does not only bother about the external look, it uses 2 types of changeable atomizers for different better vaping techniques. You probably haven’t an e-cig with such internal features. It offers the illusion of smoking a real cigarrette through the wavy puffs emitted due to its tighter draw. Two types of coil heads exist; the eGo ONE CL 1.0ohm for mouth inhale and the eGo ONE CL 0.5ohm which is a smaller, but can create huge vapors for cloud enthusiasts.


Battery capacity- it has an inbuilt mAh interchangeable battery availed in 1100mAh or 2200mAh to the market. Battery switch- the switch button helps light up or shut down the device. If a person presses 5 times rapidly in succession, the device will turn on You can then hold the power button to activate the vape and the atomizer. To turn the device off, simply press it 5 times in succession.

Battery display function- the indicator allows you to monitor battery power. The light lights brightly when fully charged, but blinks frequently when power is low. It flashes red when being charged or when connecting with USB as it can be used as a pass through charger.

EGO ONE Batteries

Adjustable airflow valve- it is helpful in controlling the amount of air that is needed for combustion. EGo One atomizer tube- it is Joytech eGo ONE’s best technology as compared to the rest of the e-cigs around. The level to which it effectively atomizes vapor has made many transformed smoking sessions magically.


Compact- a good number of customers have been widely wowed by its small size. You can fit it anywhere and smoke. It has no public health concerns so smoking in public areas is no issue. Easy to fill- many e-cigs give users a problem especially when filling. You don’t want to take more than 15 minutes just filling your vape. That’s why it’s this designed only takes up a few of your seconds for refilling.

Massive vapor clouds- it’s what smoking is all about. You want to see clouds wave up the sky to feel high. Though small, the eGo ONE emits massive vapor clouds like no other device before.


Finally, there are not many issues with this device, but a number of users are of the view that it is a bit heavy. This is because it is made up of steel. At a length of 6.5 inches, this device weighs around 0.12 pounds. However, compare it with other devices and you will appreciate the efforts put in to reduce its weight. If you have been looking for a perfect way to escape from the health hazards of traditional cigarettes, then going for the Joytech eGo ONE e-cigarrette is an undisputable decision.

The best price we found was in a UK store called KingZing Electronic Cigarettes: