Recharging e-cigarettes

Charging E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes are devices designated to replicate the taste, feel, and the look of tobacco cigarettes. The difference between the two cigarettes is that e-cigarettes do not use combustion process like traditional ones do. Instead, these devices use an electronic atomizer for delivering the nicotine to the user. The lack of combustion explains why electronic cigarettes do not use or contain tobacco.

Nowadays, e-cigarettes are becoming quickly an alternative way for many smokers to enjoy smoking without the numerous negative health effects associated with tobacco cigarettes. It is obvious that electronic cigarettes have their benefits. However, in order to use them properly, users have to make sure that they have the required abilities. Like other electronic devices, e-cigarettes use batteries. These devices wear out and need to be recharged regularly or to be replaced after a while. The battery of your cell phone drains eventually to the point that any call became impossible to make or to receive. The same concept applies to the batteries of electronic cigarettes.

It is easy for you to know when the battery of your e-cigarette is getting low because you will notice a considerable reduction in the volume of the smoke when you use your device. If you are still noticing a reduced volume of smoke even when your battery is fully charged, you need likely to replace your cartomizer. There are various options users of electronic cigarettes can consider in order to charge the batteries for their devices.

In order to recharge your device properly, you have to remove the battery from your electronic cigarette. The battery is connected to the atomizer. You have to disconnect it by turning the battery counterclockwise.

There are typically three parts in an electronic cigarette including a battery, an inhaler, and an atomizer. The inhaler is the part that you place in your mouth. In many e-cigarettes, the inhaler is brown. The battery is the part including the cigarette tip. The battery is screwed into the atomizer. For recharging your battery, after removing it, you have to put the inhaler and atomizer aside. Then, you screw your battery into its charger. Use a power outlet or a USB port to plug the battery charger into it. This depends on the type of charger. There are various types of chargers for electronic cigarettes. USB chargers, regular power outlet chargers, and car chargers are the most common chargers used. Each type of charger can be used as a different method for charging your battery. If you are not sure about the type of charger to use, you can read the manual instructions from the manufacturer of your electronic cigarette or the documentation of the charger.

After plugging your battery charger, allow it to charge your battery for several hours until you will see the light on the battery turns green.

ECig Charger From V2 CigsSo far, a USB charger is the simplest method of charging the battery of your electronic cigarette. It is easy to plug a USB charger into your computer, laptop, or any other device with a USB port. These chargers are perfects for users who enjoy their devices at work or at home. Many companies of electronic cigarettes such as V2 Cigs include this charger in each starter kit of e-cigarette. As mentioned above, you have just to screw your battery into the charger and plug it into the USB outlet of your device. You will see a red light on the charger that will indicate that your battery is charging. Once your battery will be full, the red light will turn blue or green depending on the type of your e-cigarette. Even though, USB chargers come standard in all starter kits, many users of e-cigarette prefer to own more than one charger. This is not only for convenience, but also for necessity because The USB device is a necessary component of other options of charging. A USB charger from V2 Cigs costs around $9.99 plus shipping.

Another method for charging your battery is car charger. This method is perfect for users who are always on the go. It is easy to plug an e-cigarette battery car charger into the power adapter of your vehicle. Once you notice the blue or green light on your USB charger, this means that your battery is fully charged. You can unplug it and enjoy your device. Like USB chargers, some companies provide a standard car charger in all starter kits. However, many users of electronic cigarettes prefer to have more than one car charger. This is especially the case if they on a regular basis in different vehicles. You can purchase a car charger for $14.99 plus shipping from Green Smoke.

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