KR 808 E Cigarettes – The Old Market Leader

I like the KR 808 a lot. It is a little guy that is comparable to the L88B or the 510’s when it comes to smaller batteries. The KR-808 is available in a variety of lengths too, from 100mms (same length as 100’s in regular cigarettes) and up to 140mm, which is about as big as a pen. When you add the cartomizers, it becomes anywhere from 10 to 20 mms longer. When compared to the 510s, it has the same vapor production. I prefer the shorter batteries, so I really like this one because it doesn’t feel like a baseball bat hanging out of my mouth. It is one of the best options in small batteries and the kits that offer this battery are great.

KR 808 E Cigarettes

Types of KR-808 E-Cigarette

I consistently see this battery offered in both manual and automatic. And a lot of the kits you can order have both kinds of battery inside. It is designed to use with only cartomizers though, so if you are a dripper, you are out of luck. Thought I suppose you could find an adapter to convert the threading on this battery to a dripping capable one, but that seems excessive. This battery is for cartomizers. The threading does allow you to use it for different kinds of cartomizers though. The threading here is recessed, which is the opposite of 510s.


KR-808 E-Cigarette: The Good and The Bad

Overall the KR 808 lasts longer than the alternatives. It lasts longer than the average 510, almost double. With the 510, you have one average a charge of 180 mAh, which is roughly 80-100 puffs per charge. Voltage drops as the charge wanes, and the KR keeps a longer charge with its (on average) 280 mAh. It keeps giving you the maximum vapor for longer. And it lasts for more like 200 puffs with a full charge. This is also a better alternative if you think you will primarily be buying prefilled packages of cartomizers.
If you like to drip or really experiment with a variety of liquid methods, you might like the 510 better. When using an atomizer and a drip tip, you have so many options with the 510. You can try standard atomizers, bridgeless atomizers, low resistance atomizers, whatever. You can use cartomizers too and play around with wicks, tanks, and so on. The KR 808 only really lets you use one kind of cartomizers, but it is a pretty great design. I prefer it to other designs overall. It is keeps e liquid in a kind of cotton gauze which wraps around the air tube and heating coil. Pretty much every company that sells the pre-filled cartomizer will have this design.


KR-808 E-Cigarette: Prices and Kits

The most popular (and in my opinion, the best) KR 808 kit comes from V2 Cigs. As you may have noticed, they are my favorite brand and the one I recommend for those who are new to the industry. You can also try out different brands, like Halo. They have a good selection of American made liquids, but they just don’t have the same benefits that V2 offers. V2 has really great discounts when buying in bulk, they offer you a lifetime warranty on all batteries and accessories, offer free shipping, and they have so many cool different accessories. They have the very reasonably priced Beginner’s Kit which is $35 and comes with the KR 808 battery, 6 cartomizers, a disposable, and a charger. That is everything you could need to start 2-smoking, and with my coupons it is even cheaper! Halo costs $45 and comes with two batteries, five cartridges, and a charger. If you want to learn more about V2 Cigs, read our V2 Cigs Review.

In short, this is the battery I prefer. I am a big fan of V2 so maybe that, in combination with the inaccessibility of atomizers and drip tips, adds up to me choosing this battery every time.