how electronic cigarettes work

How Do E Cigarettes Work?

If you’re in the market to purchase your first Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, or are looking to switch brands or models, it’s important to know how Electronic Cigarettes work and what the technical differences are between brands.

The design behind Electronic Cigarettes (also known as E-Cigs) is intended to give smokers a realistic smoking experience comparable to traditional cigarette smoking. Depending on the brand, most E-Cigs are made from a 2, 3 or 4 part design.


When the user inhales through the mouthpiece (also known as the cartridge) device, the air flow detects a sensor with activates a heating element called an atomizer. The atomizer vaporizes the nicotine solution, and it is the vapor that is inhaled by the user. At the tip of the E-Cig is an LED light which is activated during inhalation, and serves as a usage indicator and glow.

Parts & Solution

While many E-Cigs differ in form, they all generally have the same components; a mouthpiece (cartridge), heating element (atomizer), and a rechargeable battery.


  • Disposable plastic piece affixed to the end of the tube
  • Contains the nicotine or flavoring
  • When the liquid is the cartridge is gone, it can either be refilled with drops/pre moistened pads or replaced with another pre-filled cartridge (depending on brand)


  • Heating element contained in the E-Cig
  • Vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge as it is inhaled
  • Turns the vapor into a mist that is exhaled


  • Most brands contain a lithium ion rechargeable battery that powers the atomizer
  • Many different battery charges available such as USB, car and wall charges
  • Battery life varies depending on model and brand

Nicotine Solution

  • Liquid Nicotine Solution, or E-Liquid is available in a variety of flavors and strengths
  • Nicotine concentrations range from 24mg (highest) to 4mg (low) as well as 0mg
  • Come in a variety of flavors.

V2 Cigs has invented a revolutionary patented 2 part design for the ultimate experience in Electronic Smoking. The elegant 2 part design is made of 2 pieces that screw into one another. Operation and use is simple, fast and cleaner than the 3 part design.

The 2 part design consists of just the battery and cartridge, and nicotine drops or pads are never used. Each cartridge has the nicotine pad built in, so your skin never touches the pad and it never leaks. The atomizer is also integrated into the disposable cartridge along with the nicotine pad, and is always renewed after each replacement.

Many E-Cig brands do not have a replaceable atomizer and this may result in a clogged and unsanitary unit. With Green Smoke, each cartridge replacement results in a new mouthpiece, eliminating the opportunity for nasty bacteria’s to grow in and on the unit.

The Green Smoke model not only exceeds expectations in its use and high smoke vapor, it also most closely resembles a traditional cigarette. Other brands can be bulky, heavy and much longer in size than traditional cigarettes. With Green Smoke, the overall shape, size, color and texture is closest to that of a traditional cigarette, and the unit contains a realistic LED tip that glows bright when inhaling.

The 2 part design of Green Smoke is unique in its strong and deep smoke-like vapor. Other 3 or 4 part brands create a vapor that is weak and disappointing, especially after exhaling.

The 2 part E-Cig design is not only more hygienic than other brands, but gives a fresher feeling and easier to use. With the 2 part design, all of the parts that are exposed to the mouth are replaced with each cartridge, and the freshness of the unit continues as the cartridge is renewed.

Being informed about Electronic Cigarettes before you purchase can save you headaches, money and time. Do your research and read reviews from other customers before making your purchase, empower yourself with knowledge!