How do E Cigarettes Work

The way in which an e cigarette works is primarily the same across all the models. Each type or variety of e cigarette contains an atomizer, a refill and a battery; either rechargeable or not rechargeable. Either with the help of the switch or by sucking air through the heating element or the atomizer is heated by the battery. This atomizer in turn heats the liquid nicotine or whatever e liquid is present in the refill or cartridge. It turns in to smoke and the person smoking an e cigarette actually smokes this mist or fume that is produced.


People are switching to e cigarettes only because as compared to an ordinary liquid, it is a better alternative. When you smoke an e cigarette, you are at least in a peaceful state of mind because you know that apart from a small percentage of nicotine, you are taking in constituents that are considered as acceptable for human intake.

Just because an e cigarette is considerably less toxic than a normal conventional cigarette, it does not make it a liable asset for anybody who has not been labelled as an adult. Only those people who are eighteen and over should even come near smoking an e cigarette or should hope to buy e cigarettes because there is no doubt in the fact that it would be extremely harmful for one’s health. Apart from that, it might be a new way to smoke but it is definitely not an alien way to smoke. It is still smoking in the core essence so that does not give you permission to smoke the e cigarette in those areas where smoking has been prohibited. These areas might include public places or people’s home. An e cigarette still produces a few smells that might be unwelcome in various places.

All this time there has been no research to prove whether or not these cigarettes are healthy or not. But smoking is nothing short of a drug. Once you get hooked on it, there is no going back so as compared to the huge lump of poisonous and carcinogenic material. This is a far better option. An option that will definitely help you live longer than a conventional cigarette will.


E-cigarettes ingredients

The nicotine liquid that is used in this e cigarette is actually called e nicotine. These are way better than the tobacco cigarettes that people conventionally smoke. These cigarettes are less harmful than the tobacco ones and you can even buy e cigarette without the nicotine at all. Let’s compare the toxicity of the constituents of liquids in the cigarette. Those that are in the e cigarette contain those constituents that have been considered acceptable and carry a license that says that they can be used for human consumption. Now the numbers for a cigarette will shock you, an ordinary tobacco cigarette contains about 5300 constituents out of which there are some that we either do not know about or have been labelled as carcinogenic or extremely harmful.

There are a lot of e cigarettes types that are included amongst the high end cigarettes. These smokes do not look like a cigarette even. Their shape has been revolutionized to look like a thick tube or a small box that has a mouth piece connected to it.