ecigarette health risks

E Cigarette Health Risks

E cigarettes are becoming more popular than even before. Smokers around the globe prefer e cigarettes because of the convenience and many advantages of e cigs. However some clashes about e cigarette health risks still occur. But let’s have a closer look at professional opinions about e cigs provided by respected organizations and find out how safe are e cigarettes. Are e cigarettes harmful? There is no common opinion.

E cigarette health concerns

It is not surprising that many consumers and organizations were quite skeptical about e cigarette safety. Is e cigarette harmful? Many people think it is harmful. The product is relatively new, there is the lack of studies regarding e cigarettes health risks. So, concerns are understandable. However fears over e cigarette health effects were raised by World Health Organization without any grounds. Representatives of WHO were very negative towards e cigs after several suppliers tried to promote their products saying that World Heath Organization recommended e cigarettes. So, misinformation is one of the main hurdles at the moment. Surely, there is the need in comprehensive researches regarding e cigarettes health risks and dangers of e cigarettes.
Misinformation regarding e cigarette health issues is supported by tobacco industry. Tobacco producers are afraid that e cigarettes will conquer big share of market and this will lead to decreasing profits of tobacco companies.
Probably, one of the most respected organizations issued special press release regarding e cigarettes and health was US Department of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There is the following statement in FDA e cigarette report: e cigs are as harmful to the health as traditional cigarettes. According to e cigarette FDA document, e cigs are harmful because of dangerous toxins.
Researches of FDA studied 19 various e cigs brands produced by different companies. And they found that high level of various chemicals were in all researched cigarettes. Most concerned chemicals in smoke were diethylene glycol and nitrosamine.
In conclusion FDA researches underlined that technological innovations do not guarantee safe smoking. So, consumption of e cigs is related with negative effects of e cigarette. Are electronic cigarettes safe? WHO have some doubts. We previously explored the health issues in this post.

Health benefits of e cigarettes

How safe are e cigarettes? Some researches believe that these devices are much safer than tobacco cigs. For instance, the research conducted by Boston University School of Public Health produced very interesting results concerning e cigarettes safety. Researches conducted 16 laboratory studies analyzing smoking liquid and vapor of e cigs. Findings of Boston University School of Public Health are the following:

1) there is still the need in further researches of e cigarette side effects
2) content of carcinogenic substances in e cigs is up to 1000 times less than in tobacco cigarettes
3) Researchers support e cigarettes producers because e cig is less harmful alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Moreover scientists of Boston University School of Public Health doubted findings of FDA regarding health and e cigarettes. They didn’t agree that composition of e cigs liquid is not studied well enough yet. Boston scientists underlined that liquid is explored much better than components of tobacco cigarettes. Available data shows that substances of e cig liquid is comparable with drugs used as nicotine substitutes (in terms of toxicity).
Professor of BUSPH Michael Siegel believes that health effects of electronic cigarettes were already studied well enough. So, the scientist doesn’t see any grounds to prohibit e cigs. Are e cigarettes safe? Mr. Siegel says “yes, e cigarettes are safe”.

Critics try to find new negative effects of e cigarettes

Most researches admit that the health risks of e cigarettes need to be analyzed more detailed. Basically, health effects of electronic cigarettes are still unknown. However some organizations and scientists do not wish to give and continue doubting how safe a e cigarettes. They seek for other risks of e-cigarettes and call for long term researches. But in fact even FDA which was against e cigs approved these devices. E cigarettes producers have received all necessary certificates and licenses. This means that e cigs are absolutely legal and were approved by FDA despite this organization has got very conservative reputation and had some concerns toward health risks of e cigarettes. Moreover there are no regulations regarding consumption of e cigarettes in public places including restaurants, airports and even planes. Are e cigarettes safe? It seems so, according to FDA verdict. However correlation between e cigarettes and health needs to be analyzed.