Best and Top Rated ECigarette

Finding The Best Ecigarette

Nowadays regular tobacco cigarettes are not welcome in most public places, as well as in a lot of private homes, so, if you are someone who enjoys the taste of tobacco or the feel of a cigarette in your hands you need to know about the top rated electronic cigarettes.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a battery operated device that simulates smoking by using a water vapor system and a flavor cartridge. There is no real fire, ashes, or smoke to cause a nasty smell or mess, and you also don’t get all the dangerous and cancer causing chemicals when you use electronic cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes are giving smokers a cleaner and safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. Studies show that these products are made with a mere five things: nicotine (can be in various levels from zero to higher), water, 2 types of glycerol (VG and PG) and various different flavors. All of these items are all authorized ad approved by the FDA Food and Drug Administration, which makes them much safer than regular tobacco cigarettes.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

All of the best electronic cigarettes work basically the same way. They have a starter kit with the charger, the atomizing device that makes the flavor cartridge heat up and work, and your choice of various flavor cartridges. Some have refillable cartridges and some are disposable, so it’s your choice as to which to use. All the smoker has to do is inhale on the electronic cigarette and it acts like a traditional cigarette and even lights up with an LED end and then emits a vapor like smoke that has no smell at all. This means that the electronic cigarettes give smokers the taste and feel of regular traditional cigarettes, but have no mess, no smell, no fire, and no dangerous chemicals.

What are the best electronic cigarettes?

So, that brings us to reviews for some of the choices among top rated electronic cigarettes. Here is a listing of some of the top brands and some facts on each one for your information and consideration of this new way to enjoy the taste and feel of electronic cigarettes without the worries:

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarettes

South Beach Smoke is a brand of electronic cigarette now on offer online and in retail stores. Their e-cigarette starter kit costs about $59.99, but they do offer cheaper options of as low as 29.95 if you enroll in their home delivery program online. The starter kit comes with a battery, atomizer, wall charger and six flavored cartridges, which is all you need to get started in this new way to smoke. If desired, you can also buy several kind of accessories to go with your e-cigarette kit such as a USB charger, car charger, carrying case or other item. These are available on their website. South Beach Smoke gives smokers a choice of five different flavor sensations: tobacco, menthol, vanilla, cherry or chocolate. They have also been rated to have good customer support.


Volcano e Cig

Volcano e Cig is another brand of e-cigarette. They are smaller than some brands, so don’t produce as much vapor, but their quality is still considered to be very good, plus since they are smaller they have a cheaper price than some other brands. This smaller size makes them more portable, as it is the same size as regular cigarettes. The starter kit comes with two batteries, atomizer, charger, one year warranty and 25 cartridges. It also has the uniqueness of many different flavors like banana, apple, cherry, cotton candy, grape, etc, along with the traditional flavors of tobacco.



Gamucci is another kind of e-cigarette product that works without the flame, mess or smell of tobacco cigarettes. Gamucci smokers get all the taste and feel of a traditional cigarette but don’t have to worry about the problems they can cause. It comes with a cartridge, an atomizer, smart chip controller and lithium battery, as well as having a LED that lights up to simulate a real burning end of a cigarette. These are much more earth friendly since they don’t make real smoke, only a water vapor that simulates smoke. They are also said to have a sleek design and are made of the best possible materials and ingredients. They come in original, peach, coffee, apple, cherry, Turkish delight and menthol and range from zero nicotine to higher strengths.

So, if you want the taste and feel of a cigarette, and no mess or worries, try electronic cigarettes today.