Enjoying Electronic Cigarettes

The first time the idea of a cigarette that would not be an actual cigarette but an electronic device of kinds was first thrown around in the 1960s with even a patent registered, but since no one saw the need or the economic stimulus to put this patent into production, we had to wait another 30-odd years before the first working electronic cigarette was developed and this was in China, you can read more about the history here. China is also the country that gave us the second generation electronic cigarette that we know and enjoy these days, the electronic cigarette which has the atomizer built into the cartridge instead of being a separate part of the electronic cig. These days, electronic cigarettes are taking the world by storm, Australia included and it is no wonder that they are doing this.

smoking an electronic cigaretteFirst of all, the electronic cigarettes include no tobacco to speak of, which also means that there are none of those harmful additives that make cigarettes so dangerous for one’s health. Instead, it contains a liquid that is vaporized by the atomizer, thus producing vapor that is inhaled. This liquid can but does not have to contain nicotine, depending on the wishes of the smoker who may choose to have varying amounts of nicotine in their electronic cigarette or who may choose to have nicotine-free electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette fluid also contains flavoring which is responsible for the taste of the cigarette and the overall enjoyment of the smoking of one.

Due to the absence of any burnt tobacco and the fact that there is no smoke being emitted by the cigarette or the smoker, an electronic cigarette is a much healthier alternative that could easily be considered perfectly safe, especially if it is a nicotine-free e cig. In addition, an electronic cigarette produces no second hand smoke which is why most establishments and spaces, even those that have been very restrictive about smoking, allow the smoking of an electronic cigarette on their premises. What this means is that you will be able to smoke your e-cig no matter where you are. For example, most offices allow their workers to light up an electronic cigarette. This is also due to the fact that there is no odor when an e-cig is lit up.

When it comes to the smoking experience, it is safe to say that lighting up an electronic cigarette is just as enjoyable as smoking the real thing, if not even more. Namely, the flavors that you can get with all of the brands of electronic cigarettes are simply staggering and more than capable of replicating the same smoothness and the richness of the taste that real cigarettes provide. In fact, as the flavors were developed based on the premium tobacco blends, you get much more satisfying taste than with most brands of regular cigarettes. When you add the fact that you can get additional flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, menthol and any other flavor that you can think of, it becomes obvious why these cigarettes are so popular.

Of course, the pricing of the electronic cigarettes is another thing that we need to mention and we are glad to be able to say that e cigarettes are actually more affordable than real ones. Australia has some of the most expensive cigarettes in the world and the price of electronic cigarettes make them a more affordable option, with the price being at least 15% lower than the real thing when you factor in the duration of one cartridge and the price of the pack of regular cigarettes in Australia.

In short, electronic cigarettes are getting more and more popular because of many reasons and it is only a matter of time before they completely put out tobacco companies out of business. This is something that will happen and that will only benefit the smokers in this country.