Enhance E Cigs

Those new to the vaping experience often don’t realize the accessories they might need to fully enjoy their experience. They have bought their starter kits and think they are well-set. That is true to an extent. The kit contains everything needed to get started with e-cigarettes. But, at some point, they will need to order additional accessories. Some are basic, and some help improve the experience of vaping.

These kits have everything needed to get started, but at some point, when the user gets serious about their vaping, they will want additional accessories. Some of these accessories include the following:

  • Box Mod Batteries

The box mod seem to be the direction that people tend to move towards after vaping the standard eGo types of electronic cigarette and there is a very good reason. The box mod delivers a lot more power giving the vaping experience a whole new level. With the use of a sub ohm tank or dripping the box mod delivers the huge power to the coil without the taste of burning and produces the most vapour you can imagine.


  • Portable Charging Cases

This accessory is necessary to keep the vaping experience from being impossible when away from home. At some point, the battery in the e-cigarette will go dead. This means smoking the e-cig will no longer be possible. Some kits come with a spare battery, but even then, they may not last the entire time you are away from an electrical outlet. A portable charging case can be used to charge the battery. This means uninterrupted enjoyment even when an outlet is not available. Some of these cases allow a spare to be charging so it can be swapped out for the used one.

  • Cartridge Refills

This accessory is for those who prefer the three-part construction of electronic cigarettes. They are not the most preferred accessory now that the atomizer and cartridge are combined into cartomizers. However, many vapers still prefer the old style three parts. This requires the replacement of the flavor cartridges. They are cheap, and contain the flavor that gives the throat hit so desired by e-cig users. The cartridge does have the tendency to leak, so many prefer to avoid them, getting the flavor and throat hit from cartomizers instead.

  • Cartomizer Replacements

Cartomizers are relatively new to the e-cig industry.  They are a combination of an atomizer and a cartridge. They are more reliable than the old style atomizer and cartridge combination. There is no danger of leakage like with the three part unit. The cartomizer relies on new technology for a better performing e-cigarette.

Cartomizers contain their own heating element to produce the flavored vapors that give the feel of smoking. They hold more e-liquid, the flavor and nicotine component of the e-cigarettes. This allows them to last longer and not have to be replaced as often. They are, however, an essential e-cigarette accessory.

  • Low Resistance Atomizers

The resistance of atomizers is an important thing to know. There is a law about the resistance, measured in ohms, and the watts produced. The higher the wattage, produced by the resistance, will result in more vapor and a stronger flavor and throat hit. However, getting too high wattage, over 12 watts, results in too high of a temperature, and a burned taste. The proper wattage is important to get the correct amount of vapor without that burned taste. Of course, this applies to those who use the three-part device.

For any person, novice or advanced user, these few accessories are essential to maximum enjoyment. Knowing a bit about the essentials helps to choose what is appropriate for a particular user’s needs.