Mod Electronic Cigarette Guide

A mod is for you if you want a maximum throat hit and vapor or/and want to puff for a long time between battery charges without caring if you device does not look like a regular cigarette. You have also to be ready to invest a lot of money upfront. The mods are not the appropriate choice if you are new in the vaping world. However, you will be wise to select them in order to evolve quickly.

Mods have a manual switch and cost two to six times more than a standard electronic cigarette. However, instead of lasting weeks or months, mods can last for years. Mod is a term used to describe modifications to other components of personal vaporizers such as mouthpieces, attys, and cartomizers, but in general they are like a bigger version of the eGo type.

Mod electronic cigaretteYou have to use protected batteries in your device for you safety. It is dangerous to stack batteries in your mod because it can cause accidents. There are various types of mod and you can find them easily online. Numerous parameters categorize mods. These parameters include the shape, size, voltage, mAh of the batteries used, juice-fed, switch, and price range.

There are 3 basic shapes including box, tube, and the third shape include large mods. Among the tubular mods, there are two classics available on the market. These two classics are Puresmoker’s Prodigy VI and Trog’s Screwdriver sold as MKI complete kit at $80 and MKII at $50.

All box mods are virtually variations or improvements of nicowolf’s NicoStick. The Janty Stick V1 or Joye Stick is the first commercial example of a box mod. Bartleby is another popular box mold sold at $50.

There are various sizes of mods no matter the shape. The smallest size is the VP-1 at $50 and you can find the mid-size like the ICON at $80 or the Wetbox for $50. There are also large sizes including the Chuck for $80 and the Ali’i for $135. For your convenience, you can purchase the giant mods such as the GG Telescopic Storm with AFS for $238 or the Carlos Juice Box for $95. If mods are going one stage too far, then we suggest looking at the best electronic cigarettes that we show within our site.

Primarily, the size of a mod is due to the size of the battery and any extra feature contained in the device. Other factors influence the size of the mod. Among those factors, there are aesthetic considerations, the design, and the effectiveness of the mod. According to these different factors, the 14500-based Precious-M at $139 is smaller than the 18650-based Precious-L costing $159. You understand also that the juice-fed Phidias Woodimus Feedimus costing $100 is wider than the Omega costing $100.

Another electronic cigarette mod example

All the batteries used in mods are 3.0V or 3.6-3.7V. However, you can combine them in order to create mods with variable voltage such as 3.7, 5, 6, 7.4. The mods using the 3.7V battery are the CR2-based Mako Minno costing $91, 14500-based Bartleby, 16340-based Screwdriver, 18650-based Chuck, JuiceBox, and Ali’i. e-cigarette modThere are many other brands using this battery. Note that you can use the larger 3.7V mods like the XHaler and MAko Maxi with 2 batteries of 3.0V in order to accomplish higher voltages.

The 6V mods include the Copper costing $53 and the Prodigy V3 for $83. In all cases, these brands and many others use 2 CR123A or CR2 batteries. The manufacturers integrated safety features in newer generation of 6V mods. These features include venting. This is in order to deal with stacked batteries. You should use the 6V mods with high-resistance 4.5 ohm atomizers-1.3 amps current and 8 watts power.

These days, there are only a few 5V including the CR123A-based Joker-FV costing $109 and other versions such as the Saber Touch for $119, the GLV-2 for $100, and the Billet costing $125. The 5V mods use 2 of the specified 3.0V or 3.7V batteries but these devices add a regulator in order to bring down the net voltage to 5V.

Some models such as the GG Telescopic Storm costing $159, XHaler for $80, and GG Double Slim for $167 enable combination of 2 batteries of 7.4V. It is necessary to use atomizers of ultra-high resistance-1.4 amps current and 10.5 watts power.

The approximate mAh of the batteries used frequently in mods are close to 750 and 900 mAh for the 16340 and 14500 batteries respectively. Mods of 300mAh include all the single 10440-based devices such as the Joye Stick V3 costing $50, the Precious-S for $139, the Precise 10440 costing $120, this is the most slender mod of the world, and the GG Slim for $111.

The mods of 400mAh include the double CR2-based devices and the single CR2-based Mako Minno costing $91. The mods of 750mAh include the various version of CR123A-based mods and the single or double 16340-based mods. The mods of 900 mAh include the Provape-1 for $100, VYPR for $69, Bulli Elite for 88 €, and many others. The single 18650-based mods are of 2400mAh.