eGo Electronic Cigarette Guide

eGo type of ecigaretteThe Ego electronic cigarette is now preferred by many people who need a bigger battery and a bit more vapor. Owning an Ego comes with many benefits including various choices of colors, styles, and sizes. In addition, an Ego electronic cigarette is very easy to charge and use. This e-cigarette generates more throat hit and vapor than most rechargeable styles and any disposable.

The batteries of Ego e-cigarettes can last an entire day while their tanks can hold enough juice to match the longevity of the battery. If you are medium or heavy smokers, the Ego may be the appropriate electronic cigarette for you. However, it is not easy to buy the appropriate device since there are various choices of colors, sizes, and features available on the market.

The Ego e-cigarette styles provide numerous color options, sizes, and a good price. Many users of electronic cigarettes find these small devices the best products on the market. The term “Ego” refers to the battery section of the e-cig only and not the entire e-cigarette. This means that you need to buy some type of atomizer or tank for screwing on top of the Ego in order to make a complete e-cigarette. The easiest way to make you electronic cigarette complete is to buy an Ego starter kit.

vaporfi ego design

The use of a standardized “510” thread is one of the biggest reasons for the success of the Ego. This thread is used to screw the atomizer on the battery. Most of manufacturers of e-cigarette tank use this 510 thread. Therefore, any tank or cartomizer will be appropriate as long as it has 510 threads. This means that you have numerous options for clearomizers, atomizers, cartomizers, and tanks.

There are many tanks for Ego electronic cigarettes. Some of the common ones include tankomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, and atomizers. A tankomizer is a cartomizer sitting in a big tank of e-juice. There is a hole in the side of the cartomizer that enables the internal juice to keep soaked the element. With the cartomizer, the heating unit is wrapped in e-juice soaked poly-fill. In a clearomizer, the heating unit is enclosed in the tank while the juice is feed to the unit via wicks. The atomizer is just the heating unit. You will have to put 2 to 5 drops of e-liquid at a time directly on the heating element.

You will find only one button on the standard Ego battery. If you want to use your device or turn it off, you will have to press the button 7b times rapidly in order to toggle the power. This way, you may avoid an accidental turning on when you carry the device in your pocket.

Many users consider Ego electronic cigarettes as the best devices because they offer for the best price, the best size and the best vapor. The flexibility and overall value make this device the best candidate to consider when looking for the best e-cigarette. An Ego starter kit will provide everything you need to begin vaping immediately.

Many manufacturers of the Ego electronic cigarettes build a similar looking product. This is why the term “Ego” aimed to generalize all the devices that have the similar look of most Ego electronic cigarettes.

For this year, 2014, some of the best Ego electronic cigarette starter kits are the ones that follow below. VaporFi Pro electronic cigarette uses a refillable tank that sits on top of a powerful battery, you can read more about VaporFi here. This electronic cigarette is for the user who wants a stylish, long-term device and a heavy hitter all in the same body. You can tailor your device by matching the colors of your tank and battery or adding a solid bright color for a personal design. You can purchase this device at $49.99.

V2 Pro electronic cigarette is another Ego kind of device popular this year. The company is famous for the best e-cigarettes in the USA. The device is a top shelf Ego starter kit producing a great vapor at only $64.99. The V2 Pro is a complete electronic cigarette starter kit with a choice of vibrant and beautiful colors to choose from along with numerous choices of flavors. You can read more about V2 Pro here.

At $59.95, Apollo Endeavor is among the reliable Ego electronic cigarettes. This kit provides the ability to use your device for a long time with a powerful battery and amazing flavors. You receive 2 bottles of juice with more than 20 flavors to choose from. The two batteries included in the kit assure you that you will use your device for an entire day. In addition, the shipping is free. The highest level of nicotine is 24mg matching a complete flavor regular cigarette.

Other reliable Ego electronic cigarettes include the Pulse e-cigarette at $119.99 by VaporFi with 2 batteries of 3.7 volts each, a USB charger,2 cartomizers, and 1 desktop circular charger stand. The V2 Pro Series 3 at $69.99, Dial-a-volt e-cigarette at $89.96, Inferno e-cigarette at $79.99, and the Cigavette mega Ego e-cigarette kit at $129.95 are also among the best Ego electronic cigarettes to consider.