Cig-A-Like Guide

Many tobacco smokers who wanted to switch to electronic cigarettes consider the cig-a-like as the most preferable choice. These devices called also micro or mini feel and look like regular cigarettes. The lightweight and compact appearance of these devices provides to the user a discreet and easy avenue to get his or her nicotine’s fix. These electronic cigarettes are popular because they are produced in disposable and rechargeable styles.

Cig-a-Like Electronic CigaretteThe cig-a-likes are similar to the larger models of electronic cigarettes in term of performances. However, they common types come with a battery and cartomizers while the most advanced types come with tanks and clearomizers.

At some point, most e-cig smokers use cig-a-like devices. Even if the range of brans from which to choose is wide, all these devices have standard model types with differences in sizes and thread types. If you are a connoisseur and know the series, you can fit and mix components from various vendors. Even if manufacturers claim that these electronic cigarettes are no proprietary models, all cig-a-likes come with a distinct series number.

Among the popular series, there are the KR808 and 501 series. The 2-pieces model KR808 has the best set up and most hassle-free. This set up is used by major brands such as Green Smoke and V2 Cigs. There are two threads coming with KR808. The two are D-1 and D2. You cannot interchange them.

The 501 series is a 3-piece model and more accommodating since larger firms use it. However, this model has a slight complicated setup. Most users prefer to stay loyal to one firm but knowing various series can offer you a large range of options.

cig-a-like 501 series

The batteries of cig-a-like devices come in three sizes. These components are either manual or automatic. If you are using a manual battery, you will have to press the button and hold it while vaping. The positive thing with manual batteries is that they charge relatively quickly. Most of them need roughly one hour for a full charge. The negative side is that you will receive fewer puffs.

You can notice that some e-cig companies sell two different sizes of cartomizers. One of them suits the light users and the second suits the heavy users. With these cartomizers, you can vape for nine hours.

You can use some cig-a-likes while charging them with your laptop. Such devices do not require recharging. If you have to use your computer or laptop for long hours, these devices are the best options for you.

The pros of cig-a-likes are many. These devices look like tobacco cigarettes. This feature can attract tobacco smokers. Since the compact nature of the cig-a-likes make them easier to use, you will not attract attention to you while vaping. Since their appearance is similar to regular cigarettes, people choose them to quit smoking tobacco while making their time easier.

You can carry them around conveniently. Thanks to their small size, these devices can fit almost everywhere such as in a small carrying case or in your pocket. In addition, they are not heavy. It is very easy to use them. You have just to screw the cartomizer to the battery and you are ready to puff. However, if you are using a manual battery, you will have to hold the button while vaping. You do not have to worry about stains on your clothes since these devices do not drip. Unlike the larger electronic cigarettes, the cig-a-likes are less intimidating due to their small size.

Due to the negative effects of tobacco cigarettes, many people do not want to be associated with smoking. Since the cig-a-likes look like regular cigarettes, people may look at you suspiciously since they may think that you are smoking real cigarette.

The performance of these devices is less good than tank systems such as egos and mods. These big tanks and mods use powerful batteries that last longer compared to the batteries installed in cig-a-likes. Therefore, the quality of the flavor and vapor is also lower with these mini devices when you compare it to bigger electronic cigarettes. At the end, cig-a-likes are more expensive because you need to keep filling up the used cartridges or buying new ones. This process may be a big turn off.

To recapitulate, the cig-a-likes are the best options for entering the vaping world because their compact nature makes them more discreet and more like regular cigarette. There are easy to use. You can use this guide when you think about trying mini electronic cigarettes. Knowing the pros and cons will help you to make the right decision.

Among the popular cig-a-likes, there is V2 Cigs Ex Series. The V2 Company is the leader at producing electronic cigarette starter kits. The EX model would be an appropriate choice if you are new to the vaping world. The standard cig-a-like 2-piece e-cigarette produced by Green Smoke will also please you.