Are ECigarettes Being Regulated?

There has been some recent news reports about the FDA going to start regulating electronic cigarettes like they regulate regular cigarettes. We are going to dig into this to see what this means for electronic cigarette smokers.

We found one of the most comprehensive reports published by on the FDA Regulating eCigarettes.

Basically what is happening is that there has been claims that eCigarettes are a way to stop smoking cigarettes. This has gotten a lot of press lately because this is kind of like making a medical claim that just isn’t based in truth.

The battle is between whether or not these are being used as medical devices or just another drug delivery device. What the FDA has come to in a decision is that ecigs are not a medical device to help people quit smoking, they are to be regulated like regular cigarettes.

Another reason that electronic cigarettes can’t be regulated as a medical device is because they haven’t had the medical testing that is usually done with animals or human studies. Which is something that governments make medical devices go through.

All electronic cigarettes have tried to do is be a substitute for real cigarettes. But a lot of groups in the world don’t see it this way and want to see further regulation for electronic cigarettes, but as of now electronic cigarettes are unregulated.

Being unregulated we are unsure if this is a good or bad thing. Being regulated would probably make them more expensive than they are currently, but also being regulated will likely make the production of these devices become more standardized.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this as we are curious. So please leave us a comment and we will join in the conversation.

What Goes Into An Electronic Cigarette?

Well first we aren’t going to hide the fact that there is nicotine in these cigarettes, that is the obvious answer. We are looking more into what is in the flavoring and such.

An electronic cigarette basically vaporizes a liquid solution called propylene glycol or glycerin. It makes it into a mist similar to a humidifier does the same thing for water.

There are flavorings that go into electronic cigarettes, those range from everything from regular tobacco flavoring to chocolate flavoring. Granted we have never tried chocolate flavoring and probably never will, just doesn’t seem like something we want to try.

The only part of the electronic cigarettes that raise questions is what is in the flavoring. Which more than likely we have seen that it is just food flavoring, so its about as bad as eating candy that is supposed to taste like strawberries or something like that.

Overall electronic cigarettes are still going to be better for you than all the harmful chemicals that you find in real cigarettes.