E-Cigarette FAQ

Do I Need Match or Lighter?

Since it is an electronic device, you do not need matches or lighters or any source of combustion. You simply charge the battery, insert the cartridge and use it.

How long does a fully charged battery last?

With usual usage, a fully charged battery will last for a day. Charging usually takes 4-6 hours the first time you charge the battery and 3-4 hours thereafter.

What Is a Cartridge?

A cartridge looks like the filter of a traditional cigarette (or the cigarette butt). It is the mouthpiece of the E-Cigarette as well as the container that holds the nicotine solution. The cartridge is usually made of durable plastic that will not crush easily in a purse or pocket.

How long does each cartridge last?

Depending on usage and intensity of inhalation, a cartridge can be equivalent to 5-6 sticks of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

How do I know that the cartridge already needs replacing?

When the vapor or smoke that is being produced by the device has significantly reduced or is no longer satisfactory it means you need to replace the nicotine cartridge.

How does it produce the smoke?

The smoke created by the E-Cigarette is the result of the vaporization of the diluted nicotine solution in the cartridge by means of heat from the atomizer. It is water vapor that vanishes into thin air in mere seconds and is totally harmless. It doesn’t leave any bad or offensive odors nor put the people around you at risk of second hand smoke.

What does it smell like?

The vapor does not leave a foul odor like real cigarette smoke does. The smell does not linger or cling to clothing, furniture, car, etc. The vapor is virtually odorless and disappears in seconds. It does not stain your teeth or your walls like real cigarette smoke.

Does it have a taste?

Yes, it tastes similar to cigarette smoke but feels much smoother and more pleasing. It’s less harsh then cigarette smoke because it does not contain any of the harsh chemicals in cigarette smoke. Tobacco smoke not only pollutes the air but also compromises your health.

What does it mean when the LED flashes?

It means battery is low and will need to be recharged.

Is It Non-Flammable?

The LED at the end of an e-cigarette simulates burning tobacco and glows like the real thing but does not require a match or lighter. Since it doesn’t need flame to operate burning can be avoided. It is totally non-flammable therefore poses no fire hazard. Discarded cigarette butts can be a fire hazard have been known to cause devastating and destructive fires.
Did you know that each pack of cigarettes sold in the USA costs the nation more than $7 in medical care and lost productivity?