E cigarettes Buying Guide

How To Buy And Use E Cigarettes Safely

Now that E Cigarettes are more popular and E Cigarette starter kits are commonly available in shops and online, there are some precautions that shoppers need to take. It’s easy to find the products, but not so easy to find out what you need to know before buying them.

You know that a product has “arrived” when the scammers get involved, and that has certainly happened in the E Cigarette industry. The discerning shopper gives consideration to the following issues before, during and after purchase:

When thinking about buying e cigarettes please consider these key points

  1. Although it’s possible to reduce and eventually eliminate nicotine consumption by formulating E Cigarette liquid, the fact is that most users continue to consume nicotine. They may have stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes, but they are still consuming nicotine. People who are induced to purchase an E Cigarette starter kit as a stop-smoking device need to give serious consideration to what they are choosing to do. It’s true that many smokers have quit the use of tobacco cigarettes, but the majority of them are still consuming nicotine in their E Cigarette liquid.
  2. Free is always a good price, but sometimes an item that is free comes with a price in the long run. E Cigarette manufacturers have developed continuity programs for users who, after receiving a free or very low cost E Cigarette unit, are obligated to purchase the refills at a much higher price than the same product is available elsewhere. Even the Better Business Bureau has issued warnings about scams along these lines.
  3. Similarly, E Cigarette starter kits can be priced deceptively in retail or online stores. It is very important to comparison shop for the units themselves as well as the E Cigarette cartridges and refills.
  4. Any claim that a certain brand of E Cigarette cartridge will last the equivalent of “X many packs of cigarettes” is bound to be problematic. All smokers are different, they each smoke in a unique manner and they each consume a different quantity of cigarettes based on individual smoking habits. It’s well-known that E Cigarette users have better access to their devices, and don’t have to stop what they are doing to go outdoors as do smokers. Therefore, an E Cigarette user can easily spend more time using the device, and that is where the equation breaks down in a big way. Computing cost savings is also impossible until there’s a history of E Cigarette use for a former smoker to compare to his new habit.
  5. And finally, E Cigarette users must take great care in their choice of location, especially in public. Some municipalities have stringent regulations and even bans in place now, despite the fact that the devices are far safer than tobacco cigarettes.

A word to the wise should be sufficient regarding the purchase and use of E Cigarettes. Just like any other product, it’s important to comparison shop and to use with caution.