DSE905 Ecig Review

After our successful review of the KR 808, we thought we would continue the theme with the DSE905. The DSE905 is usually referred to as the MOD. ​This type of electronic cigarette makes use of large battery which typically lasts until the end of the day, so what you just have ​to do is top or change your cartridge. This ​DSE905 e-cig review will tell you more about the ​DSE905 electronic cigarette.


The DSE905 electronic cigarette likewise uses ​DSE 901 cartridges and atomizers, and so the ​atomizers are always readily available.

Its starter kit comprises of:

  • DSE901 atomizer
  • Matte silver or black electronic device
  • 900 Mah rechargeable and protected batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Assorted nicotine cartridges
  • Manual


The DSE905 tends to work on larger batteries as compared to the traditional models. Hence, this allows much time in using the unit prior for the charging to be needed again. The compatible batteries for DSE905 are very easy to be found and they are offered at an affordable price only.


Along some DSE905 e-cig review in different websites, some positive comments were posted along the use of the product. DSE905 was made from aluminum and it is very lightweight. The finishes of the chrome is flawless and its main switch of power can be found at the end, making it an acceptable feature because it helps in avoiding unwanted firing whenever it is slipped in a handbag or pocket. Its switch is being located in a great position to achieve comfortable vaping even though it is obvious that the switches are made cheaply with the usual tradition of Chinese.


The electronic cigarette is split along the center which is intended for the purpose of battery replacement in the future. Some of the actual users of DSE905 electronic cigarette have noticed that the coarse threads are the ones chosen by the manufacturers of the product. It was found out that the coarse threads are accepting more abuse as compared to the fine threads and that it could be easily repaired whenever something wrong happened.


One cool thing about DSE905 is that there are separate parts which are readily available once the unit has been broken down. If it happens that your unit can’t be anymore repaired, new part could be easily ordered as a replacement for the old one.


Most of the users were very pleased at the DSE905 electronic cigarette’s first glance. Only time can tell then if the unit is still reliable and rugged. Also, it has a price tag that is not very costly to the users.


The DSE905 has just a lot of great features offered from its battery up to its performance, and is an enhancement to the standard devices. Hopefully, this DSE905 e-cigs review has helped you in one way or another during your course of deciding whether you will buy the product or not. A DSE905 e-cigs review or any product review online should be considered before product purchase. This will help you cite if the product will offer you great benefits or not. With regards then to DSE905 e-cigs review, this article talked too much DSE905 for you to be assisted whether you will buy such unit or not.