advantages of electronic cigarettes

Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

If you’ve been trying to quit smoking tobacco with little success, electronic cigarettes may be the aid you need to put traditional cigarettes down for good. Electronic cigarettes, battery operated devices that feel and look like a cigarette and deliver nicotine and “smoke” like a traditional cigarette, are designed to help people stop lighting up and inhaling burning smoke into their lungs. While the person smoking electronic cigarettes, commonly called e-cigs or ecigarettes, is still taking in nicotine, there are many advantages to using electronic cigarettes rather than smoking traditional ones.

Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Better Than Smoking
We’ve been convinced by television ads, magazines and newspaper stories that nicotine is bad for us. In fact, while nicotine is an addictive drug, it is only one of the substances in tobacco. In fact, tars and other chemicals in traditional cigarettes do far more harm than the nicotine. Consider for a moment what you actually are doing when you light a cigarette and smoke it – you are drawing super-heated air mixed with chemicals into your lungs. Electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine, but not the tar and other chemicals with which tobacco is often treated.
In a February, 2011 article published in the “Journal of Public Health Policy,” authors Zachary Kahn and Michael Siegel made a strong case for the use of electronic cigarettes as a “harm reduction” strategy for dealing with people who smoke. They reviewed the literature on the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes and concluded that they are a tremendous step in the fight against tobacco-related morbidity and mortality – in other words, they reduce the risks of disease and death associated with tobacco use.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Safer Than Traditional Cigarettes
In an article published at the Boston University School of Public Health website, Siegel noted that “few, if any, of the chemicals detected in electronic cigarettes raise serious health concerns.” Compare that to a list of toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke, which may contain up to 4,000 chemicals, many of them highly toxic. In fact, said Siegel, the dangers associated with electronic cigarettes are comparable to those associated with traditional nicotine cessation products.

Siegel further noted that electronic cigarettes may be more effective at reducing tobacco smoking because, unlike wearing a patch or chewing a piece of nicotine gum, electronic cigarettes simulate the act of smoking a cigarette. That can be helpful in suppressing the urge to smoke, especially when you consider that often, just mimicking the rituals and actions associated with smoking can hold the urge to have a cigarette at bay for long periods of time.
If you’re one of those who have been resistant to quitting smoking, electronic cigarettes may be the right choice for you. You can buy electronic cigarettes online, or find them in a local department store or pharmacy.