2 part vs 3 part ecigs

2Part vs. 3Part Design

Electronic Cigarettes have been a life changing invention for the millions of its users. While many users thoroughly enjoy and depend on their Electronic Cigarette (also known as the E-Cig), their enjoyment and level of satisfaction can probably be directly attributed to the brand and model they have purchased.

Just like a new TV or computer, not all electronics are created equal and research is needed before you take the plunge and switch to Electronic Cigarettes.

E-Cigs are a tar and tobacco free way of smoking, and since there is no actual flame produced, there is no smoke or ash. Electronic Cigarettes do not contain any harmful carcinogens or unhealthy additives, nor do they produce any second hand smoke or foul odors.

If you are looking to purchase or are curious how Electronic Cigarettes work, it’s important to understand the differences in design. Most brands consist of a 3 or 4 part design, but Green Smoke, has a unique and patented 2 part design that creates a higher smoke volume heads and shoulders over all other brands.

Each E-Cig contains a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge filled with a liquid nicotine solution. When you inhale, the atomizer (the heating device inside the Electronic Cigarette) is activated, which causes the unit to heat up and vaporize the liquid nicotine. The vapor produced is a smokeless & odorless mist that mimics a traditional cigarette, but without smoke or odor.

The Green Smoke 2 part design is completely unique to Electronic Cigarettes. With the Green Smoke 2 part design, you can be assured that you are getting a clean, fresh and hassle free smoking experience. The 2 part design is special in that when the nicotine cartridge is replaced, you are getting a new atomizer as well. How? Because the atomizer and nicotine cartridge are built in together, completely eliminating any chance of a dirty or clogged atomizer that will result in a decrease of smoke volume.

The 3 part designs require you to take apart you device and fill it with drops or pads that contain the nicotine solution. This process is messy and time consuming, and is not ideal for on smoking on the go.

With the 3 part design, the filter cartridge is slid into a steel tube like atomizer unit. This piece of the device screws into the battery and is used repeatedly. This repeated usage leads to a build up of unhealthy bacteria, and can lead to clogs in the units reducing the amount of smoke volume produced. The atomizers need to be replaced, thus adding a hidden cost to the 3 part design that may not be mentioned upon your initial purchase.

The battery contained in the Electronic Cigarette is extremely important, as it is what keeps your E-Cig operating. Many of the batteries contained in the 3 part design are heavy and bulky, creating an unrealistic feel and most do not carry a long charge, resulting in frustrating and inconvenience.

The Green Smoke 2 part design is a simple, effective and easy way to enjoy the Electronic Cigarette. Since it is only 2 parts, the battery and the atomizer, you simply unscrew your old cartridge and screw in the new one. There are no messy nicotine pads, drops or dirty and clogged atomizers.

With the 2 part design, you can be assured that you really can smoke almost anywhere. The battery on the Green Smoke E-Cig holds a longer charge, and isn’t bulky or heavy. The look and feel of the Green Smoke E-Cig is closest to traditonal cigarettes, while the 3 part design tends to be longer and thicker in shape and size.

Investing your money in Electronic Cigarettes is a purchase that should not be made on the fly. Do youre research before making your purchase, and you will more likely be satisfied wih your choice of product.