The real reason behind the higher success rate of rechargeable electronic cigarettes for the persons who want truly to stop smoking is the various levels of nicotine offered by these devices. This allows each person to select the appropriate level o nicotine that is correct for them. This gives the person the opportunity to put aside once and for all these tobacco cigarettes. Disposable electronic cigarettes are not able to do such thing.

The lowest price of starter kits of the better rechargeable electronic cigarette such as the Vapor Shark minnow is $25. Depending to your needs and preferences, you can purchase a starter kit of rechargeable e-cigarette up to $200. Among these starter kits, Vapor Shark Pro kit offers a rechargeable electronic cigarette with the best performance at $69 along with seven different levels of nicotine coming with their Premium e-liquid. Therefore, you can try Vapor Shark Starter kits if you are looking for the best rechargeable e-cigarettes able to give you the final opportunity to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes at a low price.

However, with rechargeable electronic cigarettes, you will have to spend some money for their maintenance. You do not need to maintain your disposable electronic cigarettes because you have to throw them away after their use.

With a rechargeable e-cigarette, the initial purchase of your starter kit is between $25 and $200 depending on your choice. You will need to fill your tank with e-liquid. A 30ml bottle of e-juice costs around $15. This bottle lasts three to four weeks if you are an average smoker. You need also to replace your heating coil or wicks every two or three weeks. The cost depends on the type of rechargeable electronic cigarette you are using but each wick costs around $5. This means that even if you purchase the most expensive rechargeable e-cigarette starter kit, you will need to spend an additional $25 for its maintenance including replacement coils or wicks and e-liquid. For your first month, you will spend $225 and this is almost the same amount of money you spend by buying a disposable electronic cigarette each day.

A close look of the costs following the first month gives you another point of difference between disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. The second month, you will have to spend between 210$ and $300 if you keep buying a disposable electronic cigarette each day. However, this is not the case with rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Once you make the initial purchase of $200 the first month, you will have to spend only $25 per month on replacement coils or wicks and e-liquid. You can see that with rechargeable devices you are saving monthly 185$ to $275 and this is not something futile.

The advantages of rechargeable electronic cigarettes include the high quality of the product because the manufacturers build these devices to last for years to come. These e-cigarettes come with many more options including accessories, nicotine levels, flavors, and design. The performance is better because you feel as if you are smoking the real tobacco cigarette. The overall cost is lower since you save annually $2220 to $3300.

The disadvantages of rechargeable electronic cigarettes include a high upfront cost since you have to spend $25 to $200 for a starter kit on your choice. In addition, you have to recharge and refill your device each day.

Therefore, when it comes to choose between disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes, you have to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. The only big negative point with rechargeable electronic cigarettes is the initial investment.

The preferred choice by most users is reusable or rechargeable e-cigarettes. However, all electronic cigarettes, disposable or rechargeable, are better than tobacco cigarettes. They are a more effective and safer way to consume nicotine without resorting to smoking.

The lack of customization is the biggest complaint users have concerning disposable electronic cigarettes since most of these devices have a generic type of e-liquid built directly into the cigarette.

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