• KingZing Electronic cigarettes Review

    KingZing Electronic cigarettes Review

    In case you spend any amount of time reading about the most recent happenings in the electronic cigarette sector, you are well aware the FDA has designs on controlling how electronic cigarette products may be advertised and reining in the development of the electronic cigarette company. For those who would like to make sure that

  • Are ECigarettes Being Regulated?

    Are ECigarettes Being Regulated?

    There has been some recent news reports about the FDA going to start regulating electronic cigarettes like they regulate regular cigarettes. We are going to dig into this to see what this means for electronic cigarette smokers. We found one of the most comprehensive reports published by webmd.com on the FDA Regulating eCigarettes. Basically what

  • FDA Regulate ECigs as Tobacco

    FDA Regulate ECigs as Tobacco

    The Food and Drug Administration has decided to regulate electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product, rather than under the stricter rules set for drug-delivery devices. It was said that the proposal is to treat electronic cigarettes the same as traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products. In 2009, the FDA lost a court case when trying