• How do E Cigarettes Work

    How do E Cigarettes Work

    The way in which an e cigarette works is primarily the same across all the models. Each type or variety of e cigarette contains an atomizer, a refill and a battery; either rechargeable or not rechargeable. Either with the help of the switch or by sucking air through the heating element or the atomizer is

  • E Cig Helps Quit Smoking

    E Cig Helps Quit Smoking

    Earlier this month, the results of a survey conducted by Jean Francois Etter of the Institute of Social and Preventative Medicine, University of Geneva, suggest that smokers may be using electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking. The survey was conducted over the internet in 2009, and involved 81 present and former e-cigarette users. Participants

  • Enjoying Electronic Cigarettes

    Enjoying Electronic Cigarettes

    The first time the idea of a cigarette that would not be an actual cigarette but an electronic device of kinds was first thrown around in the 1960s with even a patent registered, but since no one saw the need or the economic stimulus to put this patent into production, we had to wait another