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We are the experts in electronic cigarettes, well at least that is what we like to think! Our team have been involced in the industry in one way or another since 2010, some even before then, but we take our reviews very seriously, we test, consult, test again, then meet up to make sure we have covered everything we need the customer to know.

Our experts take the time to write guides to help everybody excel and improve their vaper experience, we often get news of new products before anyone else and share it with our readers. Best-ecigs.com is the real, true, review and guide of electronic cigarettes on the net, period!

The Editors

We believe in reviewing electronic cigarette honestly and reliably. We test them in a number of ways to really determine if the product is safe and as effective as the marketers would like you to believe. If you are wondering how your electronic cigarette performs, or have your eye on a specific brand, then read our site!

sarah david

Sarah David

Sarah was a long term smoker, she easily smoked 30 a day, and tried everything from patches, gum and even hypnosis, the only thing which worked for Sarah was electronic cigarettes, and she has been vaping for 4 years now.

“Smoking was a habit that got me good! Thank god for electronic cigarettes, 4 years now and I believe I know my way around the products, I love reviewing the new brands and sharing my experiences!”


Malcolm Cook

Malcolm Cook

Malcolm is a featured editor and journalist in the tobacco industry and for the past 3 years has been soley responsible for researching the electronic cigarette market, from FDA regulations to MHRA and European Goverment legislations, he has covered it all.

“I plan to keep our readers up to speed with all the latest legislations and laws being introduced regarding electronic cigarettes. If I hear it first, you will be second!


Derek Francis

Derek Francis

Having worked for one of the biggest electronic cigarette companies in America, Derek bring a fresh insight into innovative products, marketing and things to look out for when buying an e-cigarette.

“I like to think I’ve seen it all, from marketing to trick the consumer, to products that are not built to last, but I’m still being amazed with some of the electronic cigarette companies tactics”.