• Why are eCigarettes Stigmatized

    Why are eCigarettes Stigmatized

    The risks of smoking have been researched and analyzed for decades and the answer is clear, smoking conventional cigarettes is deadly. There is no doubt that smokers who use tobacco cigarettes shorten their life span and increase their exposure to toxins that can lead to lung disease, shortness of breath, and more. These risks are

  • Freedom With The E Cigarette

    Freedom With The E Cigarette

    Many people who have been smoking cigarettes for years are looking for an alternative that allows them more freedom than traditional tobacco smoking. Many people enjoy the social nature of smoking, but do not like having to leave the party or event they are attending in order to have a cigarette outside. New e cigarettes

  • Origin of the Smoking Culture

    Origin of the Smoking Culture

    Humans are interesting creatures since they are the only species in the animal kingdom that actually enjoy smoking. What’s interesting about smoking is how we take pleasure in lighting up something and inhaling the smoke that it produces. It might have a variety of flavors but if you blow this “flavor” into your pet’s face,