• Are ECigarettes Being Regulated?

    Are ECigarettes Being Regulated?

    There has been some recent news reports about the FDA going to start regulating electronic cigarettes like they regulate regular cigarettes. We are going to dig into this to see what this means for electronic cigarette smokers. We found one of the most comprehensive reports published by webmd.com on the FDA Regulating eCigarettes. Basically what

  • E-Cigarette FAQ

    E-Cigarette FAQ

    Do I Need Match or Lighter? Since it is an electronic device, you do not need matches or lighters or any source of combustion. You simply charge the battery, insert the cartridge and use it. How long does a fully charged battery last? With usual usage, a fully charged battery will last for a day.

  • What is an Electronic Cigarette Exactly?

    What is an Electronic Cigarette Exactly?

    Electronic cigarettes or the smokeless cigarette is an electrical device which gives you the feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette. It produces a mist that is inhaled, which has the physical sensation, flavour and appearance of a normal cigarette. Electronic cigarettes use heat to vaporize an e-liquid solution to produce an aerosol mist. The process