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FTC Disclosure – We review and guide users on the best electronic cigarette products on the market, we do however receive some compensation the companies we review, but this does not effect what we write. All our reviews are honest and accurate.

Not Another Electronic Cigarette Review Site!



We’re guessing this site is not the first electronic cigarette review site you’ve read searching for the best electronic cigarette. You have probably been flicking through the websites wondering why they all seem so similar. The answer, well they are search engine optimizer specialists and not electronic cigarette experts like our team.

Well, we do not believe it is good enough to just write about the best products that are the most popular, instead, we write about the facts of the e-cigarette that actually matter: what they taste like, how they feel in the hand, how nicely their batteries operate and what choice e-cigarette you should think about if you are not sure about which brand.

Electronic cigarettes are now becoming more and more popular and if you are looking to trying this type of advice, you first need to understand a little about them. This site is designed to take you by the hand and introduce you to not only the best electronic cigarette brands available on the market, but also teach you about the devices so you can make sure you are buying the right type to suit your needs.

Let’s Quickly Start With The Types of E-Cigarettes

It Won’t take long! There are a number of types available to you, so for the sake of keeping things simple we will introduce to you 3 main types, all electronic cigarettes can fall into one of these types broadly speaking, but as you are aware, sometimes they fall between the lines as new models are invented and introduced, but rest assured, we cover all the latest brands, so your knowledge will be upto date!

  1. Cig-a-like – This electronic cigarette was popular in 2013 when electronic cigarette first started to come to market.

  3. eGo – The eGo is probably now the most popular type of electronic cigarette for both new vapers and expereinced vapers, you get a simplistic design and the flexibility you need to experimement with different types of E-liquid

  5. The Mod – This is going one step further than the eGo, the mods are basically modeifications to the standard electronic cigarette to either give you more power (battery mod) or more vaper control via the cartridge (known as the cartomizer or clearimizer).


So, Which Is The Best E-Cig For Beginners?

Lots of readers have written in to tell us that electronic cigarettes such as the Mods do not seem like they are made for beginners, your actually right, and we do tend to spend lots of time raving about the high-priced mods on this site! Many of you just want to know, which one is best for beginners and one that’s not going to make you look stupid!

It is now our aim to guide you in the right direction! Take a look at the chart below, this is specifically designed for the beginner, and we believe it also apply’s to the expert who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money and hassle which may apply to the mod type of electronic cigarette. The list many comprises of eGo and some variations of this very popular electronic cigarette style.


The Top 5 Electronic Cigarette Chart!



Affiliate Disclosure


We do get settlement from some businesses when sales are made by means of this site, but all links offer the best sales available at that time. We are expert electronic cigarette users and above all we are committed to preserving the integrity of this site and supplying the most accurate and honest information possible. All-inclusive private testing is performed by us on each product reviewed, or it will not appear on this site. If a product justifies an impartial or negative review, we review it in that manner.

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