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A Little About E-Cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes are now becoming more and more popular and if you are looking to trying this type of advice, you first need to understand a little about them. This site is designed to take you by the hand and introduce you to not only the best electronic cigarette brands available on the market, but also teach you about the devices so you can make sure you are buying the right type to suit your needs.

Introduction to the types of E-Cigarettes

There are a number of types available to you, so for the sake of keeping things simple we will introduce to you 3 main types, all electronic cigarettes can fall into one of these types broadly speaking, but as you are aware, sometimes they fall between the lines as new models are invented and introduced, but rest assured, we cover all the latest brands, so your knowledge will be upto date!

1. Cig-a-like

This electronic cigarette was popular in 2013 when electronic cigarette first started to come to market.

2. eGo

The eGo is probably now the most popular type of electronic cigarette for both new vapers and expereinced vapers, you get a simplistic design and the flexibility you need to experimement with different types of E-liquid

3. The Mod

This is going one step further than the eGo, the mods are basically modeifications to the standard electronic cigarette to either give you more power (battery mod) or more vaper control via the cartridge (known as the cartomizer or clearimizer).




List of The Top 5 Electronic Cigarette Brands: